CPT Code for Long-Duration EEG Recording and Monitoring Under Review in February

The team at Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc., has been advocating for maintaining the integrity and reimbursement value of CPT codes associated with long-duration EEG recording and monitoring (code 95951).

The CPT Editorial Board of the American Medical Association (AMA) will have its next meeting on Feb. 8, and Lifelines CEO Simon Griffin will be in attendance. Other leaders in the industry are encouraged to attend or provide comments. The deadline to request to review these code change applications is Jan. 19. The deadline for submission of written comments is Jan. 26. To view the agenda, register to attend the meeting or provide comments, click here. The CPT coding change proposals for long-term EEG monitoring can be found on tab 27 of the agenda.  

As communicated previously, the decision to change the codes was put off until more dialogue could take place at the February meeting. Any CPT code changes that are recommended in February will not be implemented until 2020. 

Our voices matter, and our hope is the AMA will be receptive to continue to support outpatient services, such as remote EEG monitoring

As patient care, in all areas, moves towards personalized telemedicine, neurodiagnostic technology now supports this trend by allowing the same care in an outpatient setting, as is given when a patient is admitted to an EMU. 

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