HEIGHTS of Excellence Winner

HEIGHTS Award Winner Melissa Burke

Melissa Burke

Melissa Burke R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, spent the last few months traveling across Californian training almost 300 nurses how to use the Incereb neon8 at four neuro-NICUs. These nurses monitor brain function of some of the most vulnerable babies in the NICU. Brain monitoring is critical in babies whose brains are being therapeutically cooled for Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). As critical care solutions manager at Lifelines Neuro, this just one of the many things she loves about her job.

Melissa is the latest Lifelines HEIGHTS Award winner.  Her colleagues nominated her for her constantly positive presence on the team. “Melissa shows the highest level of professionalism and patience, even when things don’t go as planned,” her nominator wrote. “She finds the good in every situation. She is accountable and a problem solver.”

 In addition to product introduction and training, Melissa is part of the marketing team and helps to evaluate and test new products and acts as the “translator” for her non-clinical marketing colleagues. She creates educational presentations and articles to help her fellow neurodiagnostic colleagues elevate their practice and provide the very best patient care.

It seems destiny called Melissa to be an EEG technologist. Or perhaps it was just by osmosis, by going to work with her mom as a child. “The EEG lab was in the basement of the hospital, and I remember she let me wear her lab coat and I would write the time on the scrolling paper by tracing with a china marker during HV and photic,” Melissa recalls.  Melissa’s mom, Anita Schneider, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM is the inspiration in her neurodiagnostic career. “She is my biggest supporter in the field and I owe my career to her,” Melissa says.

 After attending EEG school at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tamp, Fl., Melissa went on to a career that has included the Cleveland Clinic, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Swedish Medical Center and working for Jordan Neuroscience in the development of the WiEEG™ Wireless Triage EEG product. Now at Lifelines Neuro, she has been instrumental in educating and marketing products such as the Incereb neon that allows rapid non-invasive brain monitoring of babies in the NICU, as well as the WiEEG Wireless Triage EEG for rapid seizure detection in emergency department and ambulances.

“My career in neurodiagnostics is part of who I am,” says Melissa.  “My role as a technologist has been a winding path that prepared me for my current position at Lifelines Neuro.  I thank Simon Griffin for placing me in a role that fits like a glove.  It’s definitely the best company and job I’ve ever had.”

For her outstanding service to her teammates, and the patients and caregivers served, Lifelines presented Melissa with a crystal HEIGHTS plaque and a cash award. 



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