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Deborah Frischknecht, R.EEG.EP T., is a master trouble-shooter, teacher, trainer, and all-around guardian of the Lifelines iEEG software and hardware validation process. In her role as product development administrator, Debbie ensures our Lifelines iEEG Solutions are performing at their best for our customers — and the patients they serve.

Debbie recently earned the Lifelines HEIGHTS of Excellence Award as outstanding employee for her unfailing attitude and perseverance in testing the new Lifelines Acquire software that powers our iEEG cloud-based products. Debbie’s nominator aptly wrote, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going – that’s Debbie!” 

For Debbie, living up to Lifelines’ values is something deeply personal. It reflects the expectations that were set for her growing up as a foster child. 

“There are people out there who criticize the foster care system, but for me it not only worked, it shaped the person who I am today,” says Debbie. “There was no opportunity for pity. My foster mother pushed me to be the best, to rise above expectations, and not to fear success.”

Debbie reflects this attitude in her career choices. She consistently enjoys challenges and overcoming obstacles. She has vast experience in the neurodiagnostic field — from managing neurophysiology labs, to working for medical device companies and hospitals performing intraoperative EEG monitoring. It was a career opportunity in intraoperative monitoring that brought her to Lifelines five years ago.

“I was applying for a job in a hospital and asked Simon Griffin (CEO of Lifelines) to be a reference – we had worked together at Oxford Instruments,” recalls Debbie. “He immediately suggested I come to work for him.” Since then, Debbie has been using her skills as an EEG tech to apply real life scenarios to our iEEG Cloud software and hardware development. She knows what the end users want and need in functionality, all while keeping the safety and comfort of patients top of mind.

Lifelines is a global company with offices in the US and the UK, and partners in Iceland. Debbie enjoys working remotely from her home in Atlanta, Ga., and says staying connected to her colleagues via technology is a real plus. “Working from home can be isolating, but Lifelines makes it easy to feel connected to my team,” Debbie says. “At the end of each day, I know that my contribution matters and I have input on technology that can truly change the lives of patients.”

Outside of work, Debbie enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, and woodworking. One of her favorite activities is setting off on new adventures with her longtime friends who call themselves “The Happy Campers.”





Photo 1: Debbie proudly displays her Lifelines HEIGHTS of Excellence Award

Photo 2: Debbie and a fellow Happy Camper enjoy a sing-along.

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