Lifelines iEEG Cloud Solution: Protect and Serve

Troy, Illinois—(May 22, 2017) Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc.

Companies and institutions around the world are experiencing a state of emergency because of the latest attack of the ransomware virus, “WannaCry”, which infected parts of the British National Health Service.  This attack was almost entirely due to systems that were not kept updated.

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services provide high-end, technical services when it comes to data and virus protection, updates, backups, and data availability.  Our highly specialized team of system, network, and security professionals constantly monitor the Cloud servers to assess the vulnerability of the infrastructure to keep it as safe as possible.  

Our platform is securely built with AES 256-bit, full-disk and file-level encryption, with disaster recovery services and geographical redundancy to ensure integrity of your data.  When connected to our Cloud, your PC is a virtual machine which allows clinicians to securely access EEG and video over the Internet.  The iEEG Cloud servers are dedicated to this function and nothing else.  They aren’t running email applications, which keeps them immune from attacks that exploit vulnerability via email.  So even if a reading physician’s PC is attacked by ransomware, because nothing is transferred from the iEEG Cloud Services to the affected PC, the data is kept completely safe on the Cloud.

Learn more about Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services here.

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