Your Window to EEG

Use this Five-Step Checklist for the Trackit Video Recording Window

(Please note this applies to Trackit Plus Video software only)

All systems are go for your patient's successful EEG study . . . or are they? Whether you are setting up the patient for a study at home or before leaving the physician's office, here is a handy checklist you can use to quickly confirm you are ready to proceed with your Trackit video recording.

When initializing a recording and checking the video, make sure to confirm these important settings in the Trackit video recording screen:

  1. Can you see the video?
  2. Is the Trackit connected?
  3. Is it synchronized?
  4. Are frames counting?
  5. Are there any dropped or minimally dropped frames?

Put a checkmark by each of these five easy steps, and you are ready to perform the video EEG study.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact our support department for more information.

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This month's Tech Tip brought to you by Brendon Hutton, Biomedical Engineer & Quality Control Specialist at LifeLines.

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