Meet Cole Meyer - Production Technician

Mental durability, working long hours, handling stress and a heavy reliance on the team are characteristics Cole Meyer developed during his eight years serving in the US Marine Corps. They are also just the things that make him successful in his current role as a production technician in the Troy LNC office as the newest member of the Lifelines Neuro team. While he joined us back in October 2019, he transitioned from a contractor to a full-time employee in August. 

Cole Meyer, Production Technician Introducing a customer to the Trackit F Pitching in to pack an order

During his time in the Marines, Cole worked testing petroleum supplies to fuel systems for airfields and motor fields. After leaving the Marines, he worked in the petroleum industry, in oil field tubing services. Think of oil tubing as an endoscope for an oil well - 14,000 feet of tubing that can drill, video, and hold remote logging sensors to reach deep into wells. 

“It was a very lucrative field, but not stable employment,” says Cole. “Every year to 18 months you have to move, and when the industry takes a turn there can be massive layoffs.” 

After a particularly hard crash in the oil industry, it was time to move on, and Cole took a position in Virginia where he worked in the corporate headquarters of Advance Auto retail stores to support warehouse ordering and fulfillment. Another move back to his home state of Illinois led him to Kwik-Wall and a focus on product support, factory scheduling, and interaction with customers and sales. 

“Cole is a great team member and has really risen to the challenge as the operations and support team has been inundated with orders and technical challenges," says Michelle Langenhorst who manages the team.  “Cole is always willing to jump in and do whatever is needed to get the job done. He goes above and beyond anything that is asked of him. He’s willing to dig in and he is always looking for ways to grow and support those around him,” Michelle adds.  He recently saved the company money and satisfied a customer by avoiding a return, and instead spent time troubleshooting the issue and resolving. 

“What I love about Lifelines is I immediately sensed a company with a lot of trust and teamwork,” says Cole. “Trust is a big thing, to have the freedom for people to listen and accept my ideas - a fair amount of which have been implemented - means everything.”

One of those ideas Cole suggested has had a positive impact on customers, by protecting computer security. Previously laptops associated with EEG systems being refurbished were scanned to be sure there were no viruses or inappropriate files on the hard drives before being sent to a new customer. Cole proposed that the entire PC be reimaged and a new Windows version installed. “This ensures better security and enhanced performance, and does not take much more time,” Cole says. 

Cole’s primary responsibility is the assembly of Trackit Fs, and he’s already thinking about how to enhance the next version. “I know engineers and very smart people conceived this, but I always like to think about how to improve, and in the process of putting them together and taking them apart, I have some ideas,” he says. 

Cole is a techie, and when he’s not at work, he loves to learn more through podcasts and YouTube. His recommendations for podcasts are Hardware Unboxed and for YouTube, he enjoys Moore’slawisdead. Moore’s law, in case you were wondering, is the long-held notion that the processing power of computers increases exponentially every few years, however, some experts believe it has hit the wall. If you’d like to debate this notion, call Cole, he’d be happy to discuss!

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