Get to Know Your Trackit Software - "Ongoings On"

The ‘Ongoings On’ icon is conveniently located on the main tool bar of your Trackit software. This feature allows you to view the ongoing EEG traces before or during the recording to ensure a technically superior recording. It can also be utilized when accessing the exam remotely to ensure the EEG data is recording, as required. NOTE: Leaving the system in this mode when accessing the exam remotely will increase battery usage. It is recommended to always use the ‘Ongoings Off’ when leaving the exam.

Here is how to run and stop 'Ongoings On':

1. During a recording

Click on the fourth icon from the left to start the ‘Ongoings On’, and click on the “stop” to the right of it to stop the ‘Ongoings On’.

ongoings on trackit help


2. If using the Wizard setup

After the impedance check in step nine of the Wizard, the waveforms will automatically be displayed.

In step nine, to view the ‘Ongoings On’ prior to the impedance check, click on the ‘Ongoings On’ purple button.

the mighty trackit wizard

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