Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. Unveils First-Ever ‘True’ Virtual EMU

Troy, Illinois—(December 5, 2015) Today, Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. unveiled Lifelines iEEG Portable, an elegant and robust ambulatory EEG solution. This portable, video EEG solution gives physicians and clinicians remote, live access to EEGs that are being performed in the patient’s home. In addition, the solution complements a hospital’s patient care by extending its reach of EMU services to outreach clinics and satellite hospitals.

According to Marco Moreno, MA, R. EEG T. and VP of Sales at Lifelines, the Lifelines iEEG Portable enhances the physician’s care dramatically.

“With our solution, physicians can actually log in to the patient study at any time from any place, and see the live video and EEG study. You can’t do this with other options. In addition, iEEG Portable is the first solution that allows the clinician to stream live EEG data from the patient’s location into the cloud safely and securely. Physicians and other clinicians can actually start to interpret and analyze the data while it is happening. This is critical as it allows for the physician to interact directly and in real time with the patient, and quickly modify the study and treatment plan, if necessary, without delays.”

The Lifelines iEEG Portable comprises the most critical features requested by leading clinicians and researchers. This includes day and night infrared (IR) video capability, as well as direct and real-time remote monitoring. The solution offers superb HD video from one or two cameras and HIPAA compatibility tools.

“The worst possible thing that can happen with any EEG is that the study fails,” said Simon Griffin, CEO of Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. “Now EEG technical staff have immediate access to the patient data from anywhere with internet access, allowing them to monitor the recording for quality and reduce the risk of a failed recording. The iEEG Portable allows the physician and hospital to deliver care anywhere in the world—effectively creating an extension of their epilepsy monitoring unit. It’s a win/win in that the hospital’s reach is enhanced along with the patient’s access to quality healthcare services.”


Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. delivers innovation that empowers successful EEG service providers, pharma leaders, physician practices, hospitals, and veterinarians. Our innovative technology and cloud-based solutions, deep experience in the EEG space, and unmatched customer service help our partners improve patient care and safety, processes, research, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

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