Rendr Platform 2.4 EEG Software Preview

Here’s a preview of some of the user-friendly features and functionality you can expect with Rendr Platform 2.4:

  • Full data acquisition streaming to the Rendr Platform cloud for daily reporting.
  • Integration with Lifelines Neuro Trackit T4A and Trackit Mk3 wireless amplifiers
  • Compatible with two new cameras: 
    • PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera to improve the quality of on-camera video EEG recordings, so the subject is always in view 
    • New USB drive Trackit Cam, for ultra low light, HD infrared video (coming soon)
  •  Logging, audit trail, and reports to satisfy the new monitoring requirements of the 2020 EEG CPT codes, which improves patient care and optimizes reimbursement
  • Data and video are together on the Rendr Platform so physicians can do daily reporting directly from the cloud, without logging into acquisition software.
  • Device locking, while still displaying video, to prevent patient/family from interrupting study
  •  Improved study share management
  • Features to enhance intermittent monitoring, such as battery life for each amplifier noted in the software

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