About Lifelines Neuro

We create the most effective and usable EEG devices on the planet.

Inspired by our users, Lifelines Neuro Company creates products and solutions that help our customers perform at their best every day, so they can provide the highest quality care for patients. Our platform reflects our ability to anticipate our users' needs and emerging industry trends to create intuitive products that enable neurodiagnostics without boundaries.

Lifelines Neuro is known for its excellence in developing and engineering the finest EEG amplifiers found anywhere. We are part of SIDIS, a global, privately held purpose-driven company that is dedicated to advancing human health. Our Rendr Platform software is a powerful cloud-computing solution for EEG acquisition and review. We imagine EEG anywhere, available 24/7/365, so physicians are connected to their patients in real-time, all the time.

A Trusted Partner

Lifelines Neuro, founded in 2000, and restructured in 2019 to include sophisticated in-house software, pioneered one of the first in-home video EEG systems with the Trackit™ amplifier. Trackit, now known by providers around the globe, is synonymous with the quality and trust you expect from Lifelines Neuro. The meticulous engineering that makes the Trackit robust and durable, has expanded into our entire series of Lifelines Neuro EEG systems and Trackit amplifiers, for both outpatient and inpatient clinical settings.

Historical Trackit MK1

Original MK1 Trackit, 2000

Trackit T4A

The Trackit T4A, 2019


We continually improve our product and service offerings by regularly engaging our customers and peers for feedback and insights. In a survey of U.S EEG professionals, including EEG techs, physicians, and EEG service providers, Lifelines Neuro was ranked #1 in product and quality innovation, customer support, and reputation among leading U.S. EEG equipment providers.

Visionary Products

We believe products should be designed in partnership with the people who use them. Our engineers and software developers collaborated with the neurophysiology department at a premier U.S. academic medical center in the development of our latest product, the Trackit M EEG System. Designed from the ground up to leverage the power of the cloud, this mobile EEG lab has a boundary-breaking intuitive design, built for faster study setup and real-time data review from anywhere.

Our R&D pipeline now includes the innovative Rendr Platform software to support our hardware products. We imagine EEG anywhere - our line of Trackit amplifiers and Rendr Platform cloud software is expanding into clinical markets for LTM, ICU, NICU, and ED.

Customer Care & Support

support team

We don't simply sell EEG equipment; we create lasting partnerships by providing the education, training, and support to make you and your team successful. With a goal of being #1 in customer engagement in the neurodiagnostic industry, our friendly team of EEG-knowledgeable Lifelines Neuro support staff is available 24/7/365 to support your needs, from troubleshooting and training to education.


  • Mission

    Neurodiagnostics without boundaries

  • Vision

    Lifelines Neuro will be the world's leading and most respected neurodiagnostic company, by delivering exceptional solutions and unparalleled commitment to quality and service for patients and providers worldwide. 

  • Values

    Courageous—in our vision to take on challenges, we design superior solutions that break boundaries and change lives.

    Curious—always taking initiative, challenging the status quo with creative solutions and advancing neuroscience innovation. 

    Trustworthy—our commitment to integrity and authenticity is embedded within the character and DNA of our people, products, and processes.

    Passionate—in our quest to elevate neurodiagnostics, we deliver exceptional products and excellent service to providers caring for their patients.

    Collaborative—always working as a team and elevating one another.

    Accountable—to ourselves, our team members, our shareholders, and our customers, by operating efficiently, effectively, and transparently.

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