About Lifelines Neurodiagnostics

Lifelines iEEG is a consortium of three companies that together, are revolutionizing EEG. Our sophisticated EEG recorders and amplifiers, enabled by cloud-based software, are breaking down barriers to EEG.

Pioneers in ICU EEG

In the 1990s, a small, but forward-thinking company in Iceland that included Garðar Þorvarðsson, Heiðar Einarsson and Stephen Walters, began developing software products for monitoring continuous EEG in intensive care units. Working with them was an expert hardware engineer from the UK, Dave Hulin, who created a state-of-the-art amplifier and recording system to house and run the software. This team of experts produced the first monitor of its kind to care for adult and pediatric patients in the ICU and newborns in the NICU.

In 2004, after successful deployment of their ICU product, the business was sold to a major player in the neurodiagnostic field. This product is still used today all over the world, as caring for the brains of ICU patients using EEG has become more and more commonplace.

Ambulatory EEG – The Trackit Recorder

In 2000, Stephen and Dave founded Lifelines Ltd in the UK. They developed a robust, ambulatory EEG product, the Trackit™ Recorder. This small, portable device allowed patients to have their brainwaves recorded in the comfort of their own home. Lifelines began selling this device globally in 2001 and the Sleepwalker product in 2003. To secure global success, the company needed a US presence to tap into the world’s largest market.

Expansion to the United States

In 2001, Simon Griffin, a biomedical engineer with years of expertise in the neurodiagnostic industry, started Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. in Troy, IL to distribute this technology in North America. Adding video to the Trackit EEG recorder allowed physicians to observe a patient’s clinical status while simultaneously looking at the electrographic activity of the brain. Patients who were having seizures were no longer required to be admitted to a hospital epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) to obtain a clinical diagnosis. The Trackit recorder has become one of the most successful ambulatory EEG systems ever released.


Simon’s wife, Mary Anne Griffin, R. EEG/EP T., joined Lifelines in 2013. Her previous experience as a clinical EEG technologist and director of the neurophysiology lab at St. Louis University Hospital served as the foundation of her career as COO for Lifelines.

Together, Simon and Mary Anne have continued to grow the US market of home-based epilepsy monitoring, and in 2017, they acquired Lifelines Ltd, strengthening the ties between the two Lifelines companies on both sides of the Atlantic.


What is Lifelines iEEG?

Garðar and Heiðar reconnected in 2008 and founded Kvikna Medical to develop neurodiagnostic software using the most advanced technologies available. This software, combined with the sturdy Lifelines amplifiers, now comprise the Lifelines iEEG line of products. Together, Kvikna Medical, Lifelines Ltd, and Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems have continued to transform digital EEG. Lifelines iEEG is a brand of excellence, where people with decades of experience in software and hardware engineering have come together to create innovative, pioneering solutions for neurodiagnostics.

These high-quality, cloud-based products and services have expanded well beyond ambulatory EEG. The focus of the Lifelines iEEG products now includes recording EEG in the most difficult environments, such as the ED, ICU, NICU, and other clinical areas within a hospital, as well as in research and veterinary care.

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Service is more than data storing or data sharing. It is a specialized software as a service (SaaS) solution capable of storing, processing, and presenting different types of data used in patient management, acquisition, review of EEG, and synchronization of EEG with video. The iEEG solution enables and facilitates expert collaboration and consultation, worldwide. Now clinicians from around the globe can collaborate, read, and review EEG studies – anytime, anywhere.

Lifelines’ innovative technology and cloud-based solutions, deep experience in the EEG space, and unmatched customer support help our clients improve patient care and safety, processes, research, operational efficiency, and financial performance.


  • Mission

    Changing Lives Through Neurodiagnostic Innovation

  • Vision

    Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. will completely revolutionize the delivery of neurodiagnostic care by expanding the reach of patient care into underserved channels, in the most challenging of environments. In doing so, we will become the most respected and largest provider of innovative, internet enabled neurodiagnostic technology and services.

  • Values

    HEIGHTS of Excellence:

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