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How to Become an EEG Service Provider

Lifelines makes it easy with the instrumentation, hardware & software you’ll need for success.

Have you always wanted to go out on your own to start a neurodiagnostics business, but didn’t know what it would take? You’ve got the clinical skills, but what about the business and legal implications, contracting, staffing, and reimbursement? How do you get paid, and who do you have to pay? What about the technical side of the equipment? What are the best options to assure connectivity?

At Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc., we make it easy. We’ve helped EEG technologists and aspiring business owners across the country successfully launch their own EEG service provider businesses. And now our proven methodology is available for those wanting to become an EEG service provider. We offer:


  • Innovative EEG solutions including iEEG, the industry’s first, turn-key, cloud-based EEG solution.
  • Flexible equipment rental and purchase plans to best fit your business model.


  • Lifelines is well known as the industry leader with its ‘Client First’ service. We are accessible, responsive and sensitive to your needs as a business owner.

Training and Resources

  • The clinical and business intelligence to position you for success.

Is becoming an EEG service provider right for you? Find out for FREE.

We’ve helped EEG service providers across the country find success.

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What is Your Freedom? 

What does your freedom look like? At Lifelines we work hand-in-hand with EEG service providers across the country who define their freedom in different ways; staying healthy and enjoying their families rank highest on their lists. But take a closer look at a few of our service providers, and you’ll discover how entrepreneurship can enable your dreams, too!

One of our service providers jumps on a Harley to zoom through the countryside—enjoying the wind in his hair while discovering those out-of-the-way places across the country.

Another loves to mush his team of sled dogs across the frozen tundra.

Still another finds her freedom ‘digging in the dirt’—her happy place in the garden—shooing the cows so they don’t dig up her lovingly planted vegetables and flowers.

Their entrepreneurship enables their dreams. What’s your dream?