Emergency Department EEG

WiEEG™: Wireless Triage EEG from
Jordan NeuroScience, Inc.

Brains are injured at every age and stage of life. Emergency EEG should be available in the emergency department.

Point-of-injury, 24/7, “stat” EEG is a serious unmet need in emergency departments. Patients with altered levels of consciousness may have non-convulsive seizures, or those convulsing may have non-epileptic seizures – both of which can only be detected or ruled out by EEG.

Incorporating a screening EEG into the emergency department triage process can provide critical insights that save brain function and improve hospital efficiency by reducing unnecessary admission.

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The WiEEG™ Amplifier from Jordan Neuroscience can easily be deployed in minutes, allowing timely detection of generalized and hemispheric abnormalities. With the easy-to-apply BraiNet® and Lifelines EEG Cloud Services, physicians can review and interpret the EEG from any location in real time. The cloud software is currently being upgraded and a new release is expected in mid-2019.

EEG Made Easy

  • Designed to use with the disposable single-use BraiNet® template that simplifies electrode application – no need for EEG tech in ED
  • One button impedance check and EEG data collection
  • Wireless Bluetooth amplifier eliminates cables and clutter; wireless transmission auto-uploads study to the cloud and manages data stream
  • Physician review – anytime, anywhere with cloud-based connectivity
  • Seamless and continuous EEG monitoring during patient transport or transfer

Cloud-Based Connectivity

Lifelines Neuro provides a turnkey IT solution, allowing EEG readers access to studies virtually anywhere without requiring in-house data infrastructure. Patient data is protected using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure transmission is HIPAA-compliant.

No EEG readers in your facility? Ask us about turnkey reader solutions.


Improve Patient Care, Throughput, and Revenue

  • Time is brain; improve diagnosis timeframe
  • EEG is reimbursable using standard CPT codes
  • Eliminate unnecessary admissions; improve throughput


Low Cost of Deployment

In addition to purchase options, flexible rental programs, along with cost-per-test cloud uploads are available. Provide quality, diagnostic EEG screening for a fraction of the cost of a traditional EEG system. The Lifelines EEG cloud-solution reduces IT department overhead, however, data can also be stored on hospital servers if preferred.

Dr. Jordan

About Jordan Neuroscience: Jordan Neuroscience founder, Kenneth Jordan, MD, FACP, FACNS, FAAN, is an internationally recognized authority in critical care neurology and EEG. Caring for hundreds of patients with acute brain injuries, Dr. Jordan pioneered EEG monitoring in the ICU and now brings STAT EEG anytime, anywhere with this simple-to-use device.

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