24 April 2020 Note from Nigel

Communications Consortium Recommendations

Sococo is Going Away

While Sococo has served LNC well in the past by allowing a virtual office view, its video and sound quality, along with its new more expensive pricing structure make it less appealing. Sococo’s increased cost and decreased functionality are no longer working for LNC and our contract will end after 30 April. 

Slack is Here to Stay

Slack is valued for its ability to create Channels for specific communications, as well as connecting team members with chat and video conferencing. The video features in Slack are appropriate for 1:1 meetings or smaller groups, however, Zoom offers more functionality for larger groups. 

Be mindful of indicating your availability in Slack as was often done in Sococo in the past. Slack is a great tool for building friendships and company culture, however, ensuring conversations are kept in the appropriate channels is important. Slack etiquette and standards will be released in a separate document. 

Zoom is our new Standard Conferencing Platform

Zoom is now the standard Conferencing Platform that we will use for larger meetings. It has been working well for our Town Halls and other large meetings plus it integrates well with Slack. 

LNC has a corporate account and the Communications Consortium will be making recommendations for adding additional accounts. Until additional licenses are created, it is recommended each employee set up a personal free Zoom account that allows 40-minute meetings, and schedule longer meetings on the corporate Zoom account. Mog will assist with setting up Zoom meetings on the corporate account. It is important these meetings are scheduled, rather than using existing links to ensure availability. 

Some employees, like me, have current GoToMeeting accounts and those will be discontinued as soon as possible.

Phone Calls

Despite all our great video technology, the phone still plays an important role in communications. Please ensure you follow these guidelines:

    • Though we work a variety of schedules, be available from 8 to 5 pm ET in the event of an important phone call.
    • If unable to answer or talk, respond to calls with a text message indicating your future availability.
    • When speaking on the phone in an open office environment, please be mindful of your surroundings and use the phone booth or seek a location that does not disrupt work.


Email should be used primarily for external communication and for larger internal groups for follow-up communication. Before sending an internal email, consider more personal ways to communicate, such as phone, video, or chat. Please refer to the SIDIS Email Protocol

I would like to thank Byron and the Communications Consortium team of Dave H, Dave K, Emerson, and Jennifer for taking the time to seek input and feedback so we have the best possible communications platform. More information will be provided about additional Zoom licenses and training over the next several weeks. 


Nigel M. Ferrey

Chief Executive

Lifelines Neuro Company

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