Lifelines iEEG Clinical

Innovations Inspired by Clinical
Neurodiagnostic Experts

Lifelines iEEG introduces a new, powerful and versatile, clinical EEG system. Lifelines iEEG Clinical is easily deployed from the routine setting to any department in the hospital. It is perfectly suited for use in the NICU, ED, ICU, EMU, or any bedside, wherever high-quality video EEG is needed. Inspired by neurodiagnostic experts, we have reinvented the EEG recording system and the entire workflow of EEG for a modern world, using our iEEG Cloud Services or a hospital private cloud.

  • Refined, intuitive software interface for excellent user experience
  • Exceptional amplifier specification and design for recording in the most difficult environments
  • Attractive, ergonomically designed cart, with a small footprint for tight spaces

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Elevating patient care is one of our core values

The patient's wellbeing is at the root of everything. We benchmark current practice and ask ourselves what we need to do to question, refine, and perfect every innovation. Our goal is to extend the boundaries of EEG and elevate patient care regardless of the location.

Our innovative use of technology improves the quality of care and patient experience by designing amplifiers that significantly improve signal quality, by securing the patients’ protected health information and getting data quickly into the hands of experts. EEG workflows become better than ever before.

Designed with care for patients, EEG technologists and physicians

  • Ability to record EEG in electrically hostile, cramped and difficult environments with high-quality amplifiers – exceptionally low noise, DC capability, up to 2 kHz sampling rate, and high input impedance
  • Turn any room or bed into a monitored location – by enabling EEG technologists to take the Lifelines iEEG Clinical system to the patient, rather than transporting the hospitalized patient.
  • Completely refined and intuitive software interface, for use with a variety of different amplifiers, elevating user experience
  • Integrated iEEG Cloud Services give physicians the ability to read live EEG recordings at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world with complete security

Lifelines iEEG Clinical Solution Highlights

  • Our highest quality amplifier, the Lifelines R40, is equipped with DC capability and very low noise enables EEG recording in electrically hostile and difficult environments. The mobile, lightweight system enables use in the ICU, NICU, emergency department or anywhere quality bedside EEG is needed.
  • Consistent quality performance is enabled with the same software interface for use with a variety of different amplifiers for different applications. Customizable settings can be saved and retrieved for use in different clinical applications. You can optimize the hardware for the work you need to perform.
  • Integrated Cloud Services give physicians and monitoring technologists the ability to read live EEG recordings at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited Review licenses mean there is no cost to deploy as many reading clients as you like - facilitating consultation of experts worldwide.
  • Expandable cloud storage provides for scalable, unlimited capacity; you never have to worry again about filling up a hard drive and deleting data to make room.
  • Lightweight single or dual HD video cameras are equipped with fixed or Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) – choose the video solution that best meets your needs. All our high-quality HD video systems have day/night capability and audio options.
  • Lifelines iEEG Acquire Pro software is a clean, fresh, new approach to EEG acquisition software, for traditional EEG recordings and with the tools you need for long-duration, continuous EEG use.
  • Capable of DC recording on all channels, the Lifelines R40 amplifier has a huge dynamic range and can measure DC and still have meticulous accuracy for EEG. Ideal for research purposes or advanced users.
  • A visually stunning montage editor allows you to intuitively create montages, and then share or secure them from other users.
  • The Lifelines iEEG Trends package allows trends, or a comprehensive selection of quantitative EEG plots, to be calculated for a selection of individual channels or a complete montage.
  • The Lifelines Photic Stimulator is the only lightweight, high-intensity LED photic stimulator that matches the brightness output of the gold standard Xenon technology of the past.
  • The slim, robust, and well-designed cart can be easily transported and used in tight spaces.
  • Database conversion of multiple data file formats allows the user to operate a single database for previously recorded studies, as well as future EEG recordings. Contact us to see if your current data files are supported.
  • The highest levels of data security are present with data encryption on the recording device, during transfer to the cloud, and while stored on the cloud, supporting HIPAA and GDPR compliance.