Lifelines iEEG in the NICU

Elevating Point-Of-Care

Lifelines iEEG NICU systems, combined with our iEEG Cloud Services, provide you with a dedicated, comprehensive, easy-to-use video EEG solution for the benefit of the newborn brain.

  • Intuitive software guides user through the workflow
  • Choose from different displays at the bedside, optimized for nursing and neurodiagnostic staff
  • Easy set-up of electrodes
  • Dedicated NICU trends to facilitate basic understanding of EEG data during cooling and other recording requirements.
    • Amplitude-integrated EEG (aEEG) and burst suppression
  • Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services to facilitate the consulting of specialists remotely

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Our NICU systems, combined with Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services provide you with a dedicated, comprehensive, easy to use EEG solution for the newborn brain – a bedside EEG brain monitor that is also a comprehensive EEG recording device, utilizing new and modern technology for the benefit of the patient.

Monitoring the newborn brain is not new technology

Over the last 30 years, neonatologists and neurologists have gained considerable knowledge about the newborn brain and neonatal seizures using amplitude integrated EEG.

Point-of-care testing has evolved with modern technology, and today, EEG is widely used in the NICU, becoming standard of care in many places. EEG provides useful information about neonatal brain health and prognosis.

The NICU challenge – creating access to EEG

Access to EEG specialists for set-up and analysis is a great challenge in most NICUs. This challenge has inspired Lifelines iEEG to develop a pioneering solution for the NICU. We have created a simple-to-use, bedside EEG brain monitor, combined with a comprehensive EEG recording device, all developed to enhance the delivery and quality of patient care.

Solution Highlights:

  • The Lifelines R40 amplifier is designed to ensure high-quality data collection in the most challenging environments. Because of its high input impedance, the R40 is able to record superior EEG with minimal skin preparation, protecting the newborn skin from breakdown and sores.
  • Flexible number of EEG recording channels, for different monitoring and/or recording purposes. You are no longer limited to the few channels provided by most aEEG systems.
  • Comprehensive trend package for the NICU: aEEG, bursts-per-minute, inter-burst interval, burst-suppression ratio, and more.
  • Trends are calculated for any individual channels or sets of channels.
  • Freshly designed and highly intuitive user interface – easily adjustable to your recording and monitoring needs.
  • By using Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services, expert review of EEG data can easily be attained. Comprehensive client EEG review and patient information management software can be installed on any PC and is free of charge. The cloud-based software allows online review and facilitates global, professional consultation at a moment’s notice.
  • Smart software design for simplified workflow, making the system easy-to-deploy at the bedside.
  • Highest levels of data security, data encryption, and access controls. All password-protected data interactions are logged in the system’s audit log.
  • HD video options, with one or two cameras and several mounting solutions, are available.
  • Standard electrode sockets on amplifier allow use of any standard electrodes.

iEEG NICU System Compatibility

The Lifelines iEEG NICU System with the R40 amplifier is fully compatible with the Incereb neon 8 and 12 electrode arrays. Incereb neon speeds up electrode attachment and eliminates the need for subdermal electrodes.