Lifelines iEEG Portable

Hospital-Quality EEG at Home

Lifelines iEEG Portable is a complete solution for EEG and HD video monitoring in the patient's home. It includes the most requested features by leading clinicians and researchers around the globe.

  • Portable and patient-friendly
  • Superb single or dual HD video – cameras with infrared (IR) capability
  • Clear, intuitive, and easy-to-use software interface
  • Real-time review and remote control of the recording, by authorized users
  • Strict data security measures – HIPAA and GDPR compliant

Download the iEEG Portable Brochure

Home EEG monitoring saves cost and is more comfortable for the patient

Several studies have shown an increase in patient comfort and cost savings associated with monitoring EEG in the patient’s home, rather than a hospital setting. This can also benefit the hospital by creating capacity in the EMU for more critically ill patients who are not good candidates for home studies.

The foundation of the Lifelines iEEG Portable system is the Lifelines Trackit™ ambulatory recorder, known for consistently high performance in difficult environments. Thousands of Trackit recorders have been sold globally and are successfully used in home environments, as well as by leading hospitals and epilepsy monitoring units.

In addition to the Trackit recorder, the new Lifelines R40 amplifier is also compatible with the iEEG Portable when a higher channel, higher performance amplifier is required.

iEEG Cloud Services: Improving quality of data capture

The iEEG Portable system, when connected to the iEEG Cloud, allows for remote monitoring of the recording performed in the patient’s home. The monitoring technologist is able to verify electrode connectivity and the integrity of the study. They can remotely advise the patient, when necessary, to attain a successful recording. This vigilance capability improves quality and patient safety.

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Service is a specialized software solution capable of storing, processing, and presenting different types of data used in patient management, acquisition, and review of EEG and synchronization of EEG with single or dual video cameras.

Features and Benefits

Easy-to-use features including hyperventilation, LIfelines Photic, custom filtering, and helpful tools to guide the user through the recording setup process.

Locked patient mode allows a tamper-free view after setting up the recording.

Safer dual recording mode enables recording EEG to the internal CF card of the amplifier, while also recording directly to the PC, ensuring no loss of EEG data.

One or two HD video cameras with IR capability enables day and night video recording, synchronized with the EEG.

Large data storage capacity is enabled by the cloud for recording EEG and synchronized HD.

Archive cloud storage service enables easy retrieval of encrypted patient files by authorized users — no more wasted staff time searching through disks and thumb drives. Only pay for the storage space used.

The highest information security standards, with 256-bit AES encrypted patient data and advanced access controls; meet stringent HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

Audit capabilities enhance security features and protect from potential patient privacy violations.

Geographically redundant cloud servers protect loss of data from natural disasters or other power outages.

Remote, live monitoring is cloud-enabled with encrypted connections, bypassing the need to use third-party remote access applications. Online review enables quality monitoring and pre-analysis of data. Online remote control enables in-depth analysis during live recording.

Unlimited Review licenses facilitate consultation of experts worldwide.

Compact, lightweight iEEG case with parts and components that are pre-connected and neatly arranged, making transport and set up easy.