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Lifelines iEEG Portable


Easy. Flexible. Real-time Remote EEG Review.

The Lifelines iEEG Portable is the first ever, true Virtual EMU that revolutionizes EEG in the home. Now hospital quality EEG from your patients’ homes is a reality and effectively extends the reach of your care. 

The iEEG Portable comprises the most critical features requested by leading clinicians and researchers like you—such as day & night IR video capability and direct, real-time remote monitoring. And with the iEEG Portable you now have:

  • Immediate access to critical data from anywhere with internet access
  • Powerful patient management and review with a clean, easy to use interface
  • HIPAA compatibility tools
  • Superb HD video

Powerful Patient Management & Review

The server-based iEEG Centrum & Review are critical components of iEEG Portable, offering unlimited clients for a laptop or desktop PC. Centrum and Review provide powerful patient management and review with a clean, easy-to-use interface. A full range of features are supported, such as power trending, artefact removal, custom reports, EEG & video pruning, spike & seizure detection, and customizable interface.

Optional Cloud Archive Storage

Store your large files safely encrypted in a geographically redundant manner, and pay for only the space you use.

Impact your practice and enhance your patient care with the new Lifelines iEEG Portable—the first ever, true Virtual EMU.  

Features And Benefits

Day & night IR video capability

One or two HD video views. Synchronization accuracy to one frame.

Technologist mode

Includes routine EEG tools. Tab interface guides you through the setup.

Locked patient mode

After setting up the recording and performing routine tests, press the ‘lock’ button to switch to a simple, tamper-free view.

Direct, real-time remote monitoring

Wireless internet allows direct access to EEG & video from the cloud server without going through remote desktop applications.

HIPAA compatibility tools

Encrypted patient data and advanced access controls makes HIPAA compliance easy.

Safe ‘dual recording mode’ – never lose EEG

Record to CF card on the ambulatory device while also recording direct to PC, thus minimizing your chances of a break in the recording.

Virtually unlimited recording capacity

When using ‘direct to PC’ mode, or up to 100 hours with dual mode using cabled Trackit connection.

Compact, lightweight case

Concealed power supply, hub, and connection cables – plus an additional storage area for accessories such as electrodes and tape.

iEEG Portable Specifications

  • Day and night IR video capability
  • Wireless HD video, one or two cameras
  • Tamper proof locked patient mode
  • Technologist mode with routine EEG tools. Tab interface guides you through the setup.
  • PC recording or PC and Trackit dual mode recording
  • Wireless Trackit offers mobility with Class 1 Bluetooth range
  • Internet EEG—direct online remote monitoring and review, bypasses remote desktop apps—faster paging and better video
  • Up to 32-channels of EEG
  • Recording capacity virtually unlimited to PC—100 hours to Trackit CF, or 48 hours with wireless Trackit
  • HIPAA compatibility tools—encrypted data & access control
  • Video synchronization accuracy to one frame
  • Touchscreen operation—tablet PC also converts to laptop
  • Advanced patient management and review software
  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Pre-assembled components
  • Flexible, magnetic camera tripods

Product Warranty

All new Lifelines devices come standard with a comprehensive, one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If your equipment requires repair or replacement, shipping is free. Not applicable to loss or theft. Ask about our extended Service Warranty program on all products.