Lifelines iEEG for Veterinarians

Diagnosing Epilepsy and Seizures in Animals

Veterinarians struggle with many of the same issues with dogs, cats, and even horses that physicians do when diagnosing epilepsy and seizures in their human patients. These include:

  • Standardization of epilepsy definition
  • Classification
  • Terminology

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While EEG recordings remain very useful, the challenges in diagnosing animals include:

  • Electrode placement
  • Best type of electrodes
  • Optimal number of EEG channels
  • Testing in ambulatory home environments vs. clinic
  • Access to EEG experts

iEEG solutions enhance animal care

Lifelines brings proven experience supporting veterinary medicine. With a dedicated support staff and nationwide access to practicing veterinarians and researchers, Lifelines iEEG solutions can help you make accurate and timely diagnoses for seizures and epilepsy.

Our iEEG solutions benefit both traditional veterinary practices and academic research facilities.

  • Wireless technology and synchronized video allow your patients to roam freely while undergoing EEG studies with our Trackit iEEG Portable System.
  • The Trackit iEEG Portable has the added benefit of preventing the animal from getting tangled up in cables – and even better – without the need to give sedation during the recording.
  • The Lifelines R40 Amplifier with its excellent signal quality is ideal when more channels are needed, and/or animals are in a fixed, non-ambulatory setting.
  • Our cloud-computing platform allows global collaboration for professional review by off-site experts if needed.
  • Real-time review of video EEG enabled by the cloud, anytime, anywhere.