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JNS WiEEG Amplifier

Emergency EEG ...made easy. High-quality recorded data.

EEG is now simplified enough to be routinely recorded in the ED. Utilizing the easy-to-apply BraiNet and the compact JNS WiEEG Amplifier, ED staff can now provide high-quality EEG services quickly and efficiently. Data transfer via Bluetooth and Lifelines iEEG Cloud-based platform allows a physician to easily interpret the EEG from his or her location – anytime, anywhere.

We Make EEG Easy

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Accurate template system simplifies electrode application
  • One-button impedance check and start of acquisition

Cloud-based Connectivity

Lifelines iEEG Cloud-based EEG application provides a turnkey IT solution to upload recordings to the Cloud. This allows your EEG readers to access the studies from virtually anywhere without requiring in-house network infrastructure.

Low Cost of Deployment

In addition to purchase options, flexible rent-to-own and cost-per-test programs provide quality, diagnostic EEG screening for a fraction of the cost of a traditional EEG system. The iEEG Cloud solution reduces IT department overhead.

Revenue Enhancement, Improved Patient Care

We provide solutions – solutions for the growing need to screen and monitor ED and ICU patients for seizure, altered level of consciousness (ALOC), and pseudo seizure in a timely and cost- effective manner.

  • Increase your ED revenue. EEG in the ED is reimbursable as an outpatient procedure via established CPT codes.
  • Keep your patient data protected. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard ensures patient data is being transmitted in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards.
  • Provide a continuum of care. Continued recording of the EEG if the patient requires transfer to the ICU.
  • Find out what you’re missing. Uncover underlying conditions in the ICU that can increase DRG reimbursements.

Designed for Simplicity

EEG electrode application is made easy using the accurate BraiNet placement system. BraiNet is CT compatible and is designed for single patient use; being disposable eliminates cross-contamination issues. Electrode impedances are tested with a simplified, light-up LED display. ‘Green for Go’ or ‘Orange for No-Go’ confirms connectivity and reliability for each electrode. EEG data collection is initiated with a single-button push.

Designed for Connectivity

The compact WiEEG Bluetooth amplifier seamlessly transmits the EEG data to a laptop PC, eliminating cables and clutter from the patient care area. The Lifelines iEEG platform automatically uploads the EEG study to the Cloud and manages the data stream. Your EEG readers have access immediately from virtually anywhere, even with a modest, wireless Internet connection.

Lifelines iEEG Cloud-based application, infrastructure, and long term archival storage provide a turnkey, remote-access solution without requiring IT staff to create a dedicated network infrastructure.