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Meet the Lifelines Team

Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. has assembled a team of EEG, technology and healthcare experts who have different areas of expertise but a shared objective: to harness the power of the Internet to revolutionize the way clinicians and researchers interact with EEG data and patients. We strive to create an environment, product and service that exemplifies everything we believe EEG can be. Our entire staff is committed to fostering a dynamic, ‘client first’ model that positions EEG service providers, researchers, physicians, hospitals and veterinarians for success.


Simon Griffin

Simon J. Griffin
President and CEO

Mary Anne Griffin

Mary Anne Griffin, R.EEG/EPT.
Chief Operating Officer

Human Resources

Michelle Langenhorst

Michelle Langenhorst
Director of Human Resources

Leadership and Human Resources Support

Pam Massa

Pam Massa
Executive Administrative Assistant


Scott Burle

Scott Burle
Director of Finance

Deni Knocke

Denise A. Knoche
Financial Administrator


Marco Moreno

Marco Moreno, MA, R. EEG T.
Vice President of Sales

Natasha Kessler

Natasha Kessler
Sales Administrative Assistant

Mark Porter

Mark Porter
Regional Sales Manager

Pharma Research

Chris Donovan

Chris R. Donovan
Director of Pharmaceutical Research

Business Development and Marketing

Dan Hope

Dan Hope
Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

Rebecca Shackelford

Rebecca Shackelford
Marketing Coordinator/Document Control Manager

Melissa Burke

Melissa Burke, R.EEG/EP T., CNIM
Critical Care Solutions Manager

Clinical Research

Seline Haines

Seline Haines, R.EEG/EPT., CNIM
Senior Director of Clinical Research Services

Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson
Clinical Research Operations Manager

Sandy Nylund

Sandy Nylund, B.S., R. EEG/EP T., CNIM
Clinical Research Project Manager 

Shannon Smith

Shannon Jackson, R. EEG T.
Clinical Research Support Lead Tech

Aaron Levin

Aaron Levin, R. EEG T.
Clinical Research Monitoring Tech

Kim Hill

Kim Hill, R. EEG T., RPSGT, RST
Clinical Research Monitoring Tech 

Dory Lane

Dory Lane, R. EEG T.
Clinical Research Monitoring Tech

Amy Bryan

Amy Bryan, R. EEG T.
Clinical Research Monitoring Tech

Laura Weidner

Laura Weidner, R. EEG T.
Clinical Research Monitoring Tech 

Madeline Pittman

Madeline Pittman, R. EEG T.
Clinical Research Monitoring Tech



Clinical Support

Tina Jukich

Tina Jukich, R.EEG/EP T.
Clinical Support Manager

Debbie Frischknecht

Debbie Frischknecht, R.EEG/EPT., CNIM, RPSGT
Clinical Products Coordinator

Brendon Hutton

Brendon Hutton
Technical and Client Support

Muriel Lerner

Muriel Lerner, BS, R. EEG/EP T.
Clinical Applications Specialist

Haley Bernhardt

Haley Bernhardt, BA, R. EEG T.
Clinical Applications Specialist

IT Systems and Support

Chuck June

Director of IT

Josh Miller
Senior Support Specialist


Joanna Mosely

Joanna Mosley
Director of Operations

Julie Vail
Operations Assistant

Quality Assurance

Scott Winterich

Scott Winterich
Director of Quality Assurance