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Neurodiagnostic News Round-Up


Brain-Cooling Treatment Could One Day Ease Epilepsy

Brain Signal that Indicates Whether Speech Has Been Understood Discovered

Cannabidiol Study Reports Reduction in Epileptic Seizures and Improved Social Behaviors in Children with Dravet Syndrome

Cannabis Compound Reduces Seizures

Congressional Support Needed for TBI Research, Doctor Says

Eight New Epilepsy Genes Discovered

Epilepsy Linked to Brain Volume and Thickness Differences

Epilepsy Seizures Reduced by Cannabis Derivative

Epileptic Seizures and Depression May Share Common Genetic Cause

How Sleep Helps the Brain to Reorganize Itself

How the Smell of Burning Toast Changed Epilepsy Treatment

Mechanism Explains How Seizures May Lead to Memory Loss

‘Mind Reading’ Algorithm Uses EEG Data to Reconstruct Images Based on What We Perceive

Monthly Brain Cycles Predict Seizures in Patients with Epilepsy

New fMRI Applications in Childhood Epilepsy Gives Insight into Seizure Impact

Taking the Leap: What Happens in the Brain Before a Bungee Jump?

What Are the Mechanisms of SUDEP?