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Together with our domestic and global partners we are leading the way to harness the power of the Internet and significantly improve the way clinicians and researchers interact with EEG data and patients.


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Lifelines, Ltd.

The UK website for Trackit customers outside of the USA.

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Lifelines iEEG

iEEG is the first ever turnkey, cloud-based EEG solution.

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International software development leader.

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MentisCura Diagnostics

Using EEG to improve and accelerate the differential diagnosis of CNS disorders.

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Incereb, Ltd.

Creators of the Incereb neon…Simplifying Neonatal Monitoring.

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Jordan NeuroScience, Inc.

Creators of the WiEEGTM…Making the promise of diagnostic EEG available anytime, anywhere a reality.

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Persyst Development Corporation

The creators of the Insight EEG reader and the comprehensive package of EEG analysis programs.

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Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

Nihon Kohden is our distribution partner in the US for ambulatory EEG and PSG.

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The American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists, Inc. (ASET)

Lifelines is proud to be a long-standing member of this dynamic organization. In 2015 we provided two, keynote speakers and sponsored three scholarships at the annual ASET conference.

Learn more about Lifelines at the ASET conference 

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Neurodiagnostic credentialing and accreditation.

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Consolidated Neuro Supply

Consolidated Neuro Supply, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare products used to diagnose neurological disorders and monitor critical neurological structures during high-risk surgical procedures.

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