Document Resources

Resource Support Articles

Ambulatory EEG National Medical Policy

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility Fact Sheet (ICN909060-IDTF)


Lifelines Neuro Brochures and Support Items

NEON: Incereb neon Information Brochure

NEON: Best Practice for Daily Skin Checks (Revision pending)

PHOTIC: Lifelines Neuro Photic Spec Sheet

      PHOTIC: Photic flyer

Trackit V System: Trackit V System Flyer

Trackit V Spec Sheet: Trackit V Spec Sheet

Trackit M System: Trackit M System Flyer

Trackit F System: Trackit F System Flyer 

Trackit Mk3: Trackit Mk3 Flyer 

Trackit Mk3 Spec Sheet: Trackit Mk3 spec sheet 

Trackit Plus Software: Trackit Plus Sofware Flyer 

Trackit Plus Software: Trackit Plus 2.8.2 Software Features

Rendr Platform Software: Rendr Platform Software Flyer

Trackit T4:  Trackit T4 Flyer

Trackit T4-32: Trackit T4-32 Spec Sheet

Trackit T4-68: Trackit T4-68 Spec Sheet

Trackit T4A: Trackit T4A Flyer

Trackit T4A: Trackit T4A Spec Sheet

Trackit T4A: Trackit T4A Battery Life Comparison 

Trackit T4A: T4A Battery Management How-to Guide

Trackit T4A: T4A Firmware Update/Video Sync Issues Talking Points

R40: R40 Spec Sheet

R40: R40 Flyer

Trackit M Spec Sheet

Trackit F Spec Sheet

Trackit Cam Spec Sheet

RESEARCH: Lifelines Neuro Research Information Brochure

RESEARCH: Lifelines Research Case Study 

RESEARCH: Lifelines Research White Paper  revision pending

VETERINARY: Lifelines Neuro Veterinary Brochure

SALES: Lifelines Annual Service Contract Descriptions revision pending

SALES: Lifelines Billing and Shipping Information revision pending

SALES: Lifelines Credit Card or ACH Debit Authorization 

SALES: Role of Ambulatory EEG (revision pending)

SALES: Annual Service Contract

SALES: US Sales Territory Map & Contact Info

Lifelines Articles

NICU: Best Practices for Daily Skin Checks (revision pending)

White Papers

Research: Strategies and Considerations for Video-EEG  (revision pending)


e-Newsletter Documents

Detaching and Attaching Clickon PCU to Access the CF Card.pdf (March Newsletter)

Pairing Your Trackit.pdf (February Newsletter)

To Avoid Syncing Interruptions During Daylight Savings Time.pdf 


Human Resources

Lifelines Employment Application

Lifelines email etiquette

Slack Etiquette


Lifelines Repair Policy Update (Effective 5/1/2018)

Lifelines Neuro Privacy Policy

Lifelines Neuro Email Signature Logo

Presentations and Info

CPT Codes: Congressional letter signed by 70

EEG CPT Code Presentation Oct. 19

Simon Griffin CPT Code EEG in Crisis 2020 Presentation

Guide to 2020 EEG CPT Coding: Surviving and Thriving in the New EEG Economy

Guide to 2020 EEG CPT Coding: Surviving and Thriving in the New EEG Economy FLIPBOOK VERSION 

CPT Code Billing Period Guidelines

Successful Billing of 2-12 Hour Technical CPT Codes

Simon CPT Code CASET Zoom Presentation

EEG Definitions Guide



Rendr Platform Overview

Rendr Platform 2.2. Upgrades

Rendr Platform Focused Review/Non-destructive Pruning

Trackit M 

T4A Battery Management Video

COVID 19 Resources

Alternative Solutions to Inpatient EEG

T4A Photo

Rendr Platform Cloud EEG: Physician Review Features

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