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What People are Saying about Lifelines: 

“Clean EEG Data and Flexible Rental Program are Solution for Doctor's Demanding Research Program”

As the lead researcher for a major clinical study, Dr. Porter demands ease of use and clean EEG data for his team. In addition, a flexible rental program is a must to address the ebbs and flows of large intermittent studies involving multiple participants. The Lifelines solution and rental program are a perfect fit. 

The EEG Solution

We needed a reliable EEG solution that would perform well day-in and day-out. The Trackit has proven to be very reliable and has allowed us to be very dynamic in our studies. Due to the high number of subjects in our studies I also wanted the equipment to be simple for our researchers to set up and use. And, of course, the data must be clean. Trackit has performed extremely well in all of these areas.

Flexible Rental Program

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lifelines for about five years now. Lifelines is the only place I know where we can rent the EEG units to perform our work. In our studies, we perform the research in short bursts of activity. Lifelines rental program offers the flexibility we need, and it is a significantly lower investment to rent the units as opposed to purchasing them.

Everyone at Lifelines genuinely cares about our work and is eager to support me and our organization. I am very happy with Lifelines, and I feel that from the very beginning it’s been that way. Honestly, since we started our relationship, I have not looked for any other company to work with because the client support has been so good; they've always been willing to help me when I've needed it. Lifelines is just a very supportive, professional business. 

Dr. Porter

Lifelines Client Since 2010

What People are Saying about Lifelines: 

“People and Service Make the Difference”

The People

We have worked with Lifelines since 2008. The best thing about working with Simon and his team is, far and away, the people. They are always responsive, always listen, and they go out of their way to help you solve your challenges and meet your needs. They have great equipment and great people. 

The Service

The character of any company is how they deal you with after they sell you something. Lifelines sets the bar. On the rare occasion when we needed loaner equipment, it was shipped overnight to us. Our own equipment was serviced and returned to us quickly, and there was never any hassle involved with it. It wasn’t, “Oh, we can’t, because . . .” or “You’ have to pay for this, or you have to pay for that.” It was just an easy process.

The phones are answered by people. You don’t go to voicemail and then not hear back from someone for two or three days. There’s always someone there to pick up the phone and help you. Compared to the rest of the customer service world, Lifelines always goes above and beyond, and they’re always easy to work with!

The Equipment

We use Trackit because it is patient-friendly. It’s wireless, and the patient that is being recorded is not tethered to a stationary piece of equipment. We love the fact that our Trackit equipment is Bluetooth enabled and very robust, too. These things get bounced around from patients’ homes, in what I would call strenuous environments. And they continue to perform flawlessly. Every piece of equipment is still used every week; not one piece of equipment has been taken out of service.


Lifelines Client Since 2008

“Trackit EEG is at the Heart of Our Care”

Lifelines’ dependable and versatile EEG solution serves as a busy medical practice’s workhorse for investigative EEG, ambulatory EEG services, inpatient services, and clinical drug trials. 

“Our medical offices are bustling with activity,” according to Brenda, Director of Neurophysiology at this vibrant practice. “Our suite of services includes investigative EEG, ambulatory EEG services, inpatient services, clinical drug trials, and even an epilepsy support group, so there is little time for taking a breather. I believe that our relationship with Lifelines has given us a definite competitive advantage and helped streamline processes and improve efficiencies. There are two things specifically that make all the difference in our patient-focused world—a dependable and versatile EEG solution and Lifelines’ ‘Client First’ service.”

The Equipment

The Trackit has the versatility to meet all of our EEG monitoring needs. This is important because our patient mix runs the gamut. For example, our nursing home residents and elderly patients appreciate the Trackit’s fast setup: Plug in the power supply; plug in the camera; turn it on. That’s all you have to do!

The ease of operating the equipment makes a positive difference for the EEG techs, too. It’s just so much easier for the clinicians to use, and the continuous EEG monitoring is my favorite feature—it delivers benefits that others we considered didn’t offer it.

‘Client First’ Service

I was so impressed when the Lifelines team came to our office for our installation and training. Debbie sat down with us and walked us through the entire process. I still can’t believe they are providing so much qualitative learning time with us! It was hands-on, one-on-one and catered to the specific needs of our practice. They even made a follow-up visit to make sure we were off and running. Now that’s service!


Lifelines Client Since 2012

“I’d give Lifelines a Perfect 10”

Keith enjoys conducting business based on trust, integrity, and exceptional service. 

According to Keith, a longtime client of Lifelines, “You can’t buy trust. You have to earn it—especially in business.” Keith is a loyal client of Lifelines. Some might even say a ‘raving fan’. Here’s why. 

At my service provider business, I oversee the entire organization. My key areas of focus are sales and marketing, as well as overseeing the technology and making sure our team members have the tools and support they need to be successful. Fortunately, this is made easier by our business relationship with Lifelines—built on trust, integrity and exceptional service.

Flexible Rental Program and EEG Experts

Initially, I chose Lifelines because of their option to rent the EEG equipment we needed. As an entrepreneur, I didn’t have the time or infrastructure to go out and shop around the different ambulatory equipment that was available from different manufacturers. Once I got to meet Simon, he and his team were easy to work with—exactly as they are today.

The thing I like best is that Lifelines’ main focus is all things EEG. They really are the experts. They know the industry inside and out, and they know the product line inside and out. When I call, I know I’m getting an expert—not someone low on the totem pole who services 50 different pieces of equipment. To have an industry leader that I can call and get a response from in the same day is phenomenal.

The Equipment

Where the equipment is concerned, the Trackit line’s performance is highly reliable and the EEG recordings are flawless. The solutions are robust and rugged enough that we can perform home video EEGs with extended duration, as well as routine EEGs at the bedside for both physicians and small community hospitals.

Perhaps most important to me is the fact that Lifelines’ way of doing business is built on trust. I believe Simon and his entire team have integrity and stand by their word. That’s what I think is most important. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give Lifelines a perfect ten!


Lifelines Client Since 2006