Trackit M EEG System

Mobile EEG Removes Hospital Barriers

We've taken the handcuffs off the traditional cart-based hospital EEG system. M is for mobile - The Trackit M is designed for rapid deployment in any part of the hospital or clinic setting.  Set up takes five minutes, ready for the EEG technologist to measure and mark the patient. Routine and LTM EEGs can be performed rapidly, anywhere, anytime.

Designed from the ground up to leverage the power of the cloud, the Trackit M makes data review more convenient than ever before, with  Rendr Platform cloud EEG software access from multiple devices and browsers with an internet connection.

Lifelines Neuro is making EEG easier, more intuitive, and faster. We designed the Trackit M EEG System with thousands of hours of feedback from physicians and EEG technologists in the neurophysiology department in one of America's premier academic hospitals. What we created is different from any other product on the market.


The entire system fits in a custom case, small enough to be transported as an airline carry-on. It is small enough to be placed on a hospital bedside table, or smaller cart. The Trackit M System's mobility allows the technologist to bring the EEG to the patient.

The Trackit M System’s elegant hardware and touch-friendly Rendr software provide the maximum flexibility of any clinical routine or LTM EEG system on the market. It is ideal for entrepreneurial EEG service providers who wish to extend their services to the routine EEG needs of physician practices or hospitals.

Faster Study Setup with Custom Headbox

The Trackit M was designed with a custom headbox enabling rapid setup electrode technology.  This rapid setup can save up to 15 minutes per patient, which means more studies can be conducted during the same time period.

Custom Headbox

Optional Standard 10/20 Headbox

An alternative headbox was specially designed for the Trackit M for EEG technologists that prefer a standard 10/20 headbox. 

Standard Headbox

Lifelines Neuro includes everything the technologist needs to run a full routine or LTM EEG:

  • Hand-held event marker
  • Photic stimulator
  • Infrared, high definition PTZ video camera to remotely control the patient view
Trackit M Carrying Case Profile View
Trackit M Carrying Case Open
Trackit M Photic Stimulator
Trackit M Camera Tripod Base
Trackit M Avycon Camera
Trackit M
Trackit M Screen View
Trackit M Avycon Camera
Custom Headbox
Standard Headbox
Trackit M Amplifier Connectors
Trackit M Connecting
Trackit M with Camera

Real-Time data review from anywhere

The Trackit M EEG System streams data in real-time to the Rendr Platform via the cloud, with an internet connection. Physicians can see live studies from anywhere in real-time, on PC, Mac, or tablet, manipulating montage and filters independently from the technologist. This allows immediate feedback and rapid evaluation of potential seizure activity. Encrypted data is secured and HIPAA-compliant, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

EEG Anywhere Subscription 

Lifeline Neuro's EEG Anywhere Subscription offers a bundled hardware and software package in a flat, fixed monthly fee to provide flexibility and scalability. 

Cost-Efficient Consumables for Custom Headbox

  • Reusable or disposable options
  • Gold and silver/silver chloride options

Privacy & Security

  • Data is stored in the cloud on encrypted Rendr Platform
  • Data is encrypted and stored redundantly in the cloud, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AWS protects data from cybersecurity threats by restricting access from high-risk countries
  • Data is protected by facility authentication token required to access PHI
  • Opal drive on the computer stores data encrypted locally, in case the product is lost or stolen
Acquisition diagram


  • EG 60601 compliant
  • Two levels of built-in patient protection mean no need to use an isolation transformer for power into the system — can operate off any standard wall outlet

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