Trackitâ„¢ Plus Software

Easy to Use EEG Software


With Lifelines Neuro's legacy Trackit Plus software, capturing routine EEG and video monitoring is made simple. 

Getting started is easy. From displaying electrodes to connecting bluetooth, the interface is clean and familiar. Captured video is synchronized to the nearest frame, so physiological and behavioral information can be reviewed accurately. Outstanding versatility means that this software works with all Lifelines products in hospitals, physicians' offices, research laboratories, veterinary practices, or even the patients' own home. Perform ambulatory or routine EEG studies with confidence.

Trackit Plus is an upgrade option for all Trackit Ambulatory EEG recorders. Request more information about Trackit Plus today. 

Trackit Plus Mapping Screen
Trackit Plus Montages
Trackit Plus Settings Screen
Trackit Plus Recording Screenshot
The All Powerful Trackit Wizard
Trackit Plus software screenshot
Trackit Plus bluetooth screenshot
Trackit Plus software screen

Trackit Plus Features:

  • 24-hour audio/video monitoring
  • Dual recording mode to ensure a successful AEEG recording
  • Wired or Wireless connectivity to amplifier - automatically switches to ambulatory mode when out of wireless range and will resynchronizes video with the EEG when wireless connection has been re-established
  • Optional infrared camera video recording to capture nocturnal events or events in dark environments
  • Compatible with many commercially available Review software packages
  • Patient activated time stamp markers to easily trace important events
  • The familiar Trackit Wizard will guide you to success

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