Trackit T4A Ambulatory EEG Amplifier

Combines high function with patient-centered design


Lifelines Neuro's latest ambulatory EEG amplifier, the Trackit™ T4A, is the fourth generation Trackit and is smaller, lighter, and more efficient than ever before. Weighing just 12 ounces, the T4A is an ideal choice for children and adults alike and comes in a sturdy, yet soft, water-resistant bag that stands up to rigorous home use standards.

The T4A cleverly combines low power with high performance, making it a truly efficient ambulatory device capable of five days of continuous recording, three with Bluetooth. If battery changes are necessary, the latched battery compartment can be accessed in seconds but is kept safe from patient tampering.

The built-in PCU prevents interruption of studies during daily activities or sleeping, and the patient event button is easy to access without opening the protective pouch.

Download T4A Brochure

The Trackit T4A in a hand for size comparison.
The Trackit T4A with battery case open
The Trackit T4A SD card location
The Trackit T4A in its carrying pouch

The Trackit T4A: Smaller, Lighter, More Powerful

Practical Features Include:

  • 28 EEG and 4 bipolar channels
  • Robust design suited for tough ambulatory use
  • Bluetooth connectivity for synchronized video recording
  • Transmits either wirelessly or wired
  • High sampling rates, 250- 2000Hz
  • Continuous impedance check
  • Data recorded to SD cards
  • Patient-worn pouch (bag)

Also available for veterinary use: Download Veterinary Brochure

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