Trackit V EEG System

V is for Versatile. Ambulatory EEG with Wireless Connectivity.

The Trackit V EEG System is designed for long-term and intermittently monitored video EEG applications. It was developed for an EEG workflow in which the patient visits the physician's office or another clinical setting, has the electrodes applied by an EEG tech, and takes the unit home for deployment. The lightweight, wheeled case and sturdy tablet is easy for the patient to handle and set up.

The Trackit V System is compatible with both the Trackit Mk3 EEG amplifier,  as well as the fourth generation Trackit T4A EEG amplifier. Thousands of Trackits have been sold globally and are the leading choice for in-home EEG  studies in the United States.

Clinicians and researchers have come to rely on Trackit V EEG to produce lab-quality recordings in difficult environments. This includes the patient’s home, hospitals, physicians' offices, research laboratories, and veterinary practices — providing high-quality EEG studies for a wide range of patients.

The in-home environment ensures the best possible recording quality while minimizing the expense of a hospital-based referral.

Our Lifelines Trackit V EEG System is also available without video (Trackit A EEG System) to meet a variety of needs.

Ambulatory EEG made easy

  • Ambulatory EEG and sleep applications
  • Two exceptional HD infrared camera choices coming soon
  • 72 hours of continuous recording without battery change with video, 96 hours without video
  • Data can be uploaded to the cloud after recording

Trackit Video EEG System Features and Benefits

New Camera Options

Trackit Video EEG records up to 72 hours, with synchronization accuracy to one frame, with high definition infrared (IR) cameras that perform in dark environments to capture nocturnal events. 24-hour audio and video monitoring accurately correlate clinical information with the patient's ambulatory EEG. 

Flexible recording inputs

A wide range of monitoring requirements is addressed with four, high-level DC, eight bipolar DC polygraphy, and 24 monopolar EEG channels.

Trackit Plus Software

Trackit Plus with video software works with all Lifelines Neuro amplifiers, with wired or wireless connectivity, switching to the ambulatory mode when out of wireless range and will automatically resynchronize video with the EEG when the wireless connection is re-established. 

Trackit Bluetooth wireless EEG

Monitor and acquire EEG on the host PC using the unique TrackitBluetooth internal wireless module to synch video and EEG. Automatically switches to the ambulatory mode when out of range. Dual PC and Trackit recording can also be accommodated.

Robust and tamper-proof

Tampering with the equipment by the patient is minimized by the rugged design, and secure and sturdy, metal housing and battery case.

A safe recording medium

Removable, compact flash (CF) cards ensure complete data integrity for long recordings. Without having to download data from the recorder between patients, you’ll have faster turnaround times for equipment use.

A completely open data format

The Trackit recorder stores and transmits data in European Data Format (EDF), making it compatible with any commercially available EDF viewer.

Ease of operation and set-up

Trackit Video EEG is designed for ease of operation and set-up. An LCD display allows monitoring of time, battery, and disk life by the technologist or patient.

Easy annotation of patient events

An event button allows the patient to time stamp events during the recording, allowing faster review by the physician.

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