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Trackit MK3 – EEG/Polygraphy Recorder with Video


Ambulatory EEG and Sleep Applications. Time-Synchronized Video. Wireless Connectivity.

The TrackitTM MK3 EEG/Polygraphy Recorder with Video is a patient and clinician-friendly solution for both ambulatory EEG and sleep applications.

Patients can now have lab-quality EEG and HD video recordings performed in the comfort of their own home while being monitored over the internet in near-real time. This more natural recording environment ensures the best possible recording quality while minimizing the expense of a hospital-based referral.

The Lifelines iEEG software allows the technologist or other clinician to review and make clinical decisions and adjustments during the recording, as well as ensuring the quality of the recording via online monitoring.

The heart of this system is Lifelines’ Trackit MK3 ambulatory recorder. The MK3 has a proven record of consistently high performance in some of the world’s leading hospitals and epilepsy centers. Clinicians and researchers have come to rely on Trackit lab-quality recordings in harsh environments. This includes the patient’s home, hospitals, physicians' offices, research laboratories, and veterinary practices - providing high-quality EEG studies for a wide range of patients. 

EEG with video made easy

  • EEG studies enhanced with video
  • Ambulatory EEG and sleep applications
  • 72 hours of continuous recording without battery change
  • Battery backup protects your data



  • Continuous recording up to 72 hours
  • Battery backup
  • Bluetooth
  • Video
  • Rugged Case


  • Collect several days of high-quality, synchronized video
  • Reliable, uninterrupted performance ensures integrity of patient study
  • Protects you from file corruption
  • Saves you time
  • Wireless connectivity between Trackit recorder and tablet or PC
  • Allows patient mobility during study
  • 24-hour audio and video monitoring accurately correlates behavioral information with the patient's ambulatory EEG
  • Offers “day monitoring” of patients with epilepsy to provide a more accurate appraisal of seizure symptoms over conventional ambulatory EEG
  • Infrared performs in dark environments to capture nocturnal events
  • Live viewing of EEG activity and visual observation of patients for a more comprehensive study
  • Highest reliability for clinical and research applications
  • Lockdown, tamper-resistant battery case
  • Lightweight 

Trackit MK3 with Video Specifications

  • PC or dual PC and Trackit recording of EEG
  • Cabled (26 feet) or Bluetooth wireless connection for Trackit
  • Recording capacity limited by CF card in Trackit (4GB or 100 hours with 32 channels) if in dual mode or unlimited if just recording to the PC. If running wirelessly and with batteries, this will be 48 hours due to battery constraints. Much longer recordings are capable with battery and CF card change.
  • Internet EEG with background transmission to the cloud server for online monitoring and review
  • Single or dual IP camera support with either POE or wireless operation for easy deployment
  • HD 1080P resolution cameras with built in audio and infra-red.
  • Video synchronization accuracy to one frame
  • Tamper-proof, lockable user interface prevents the patient from interfering with the recording

Product Warranty

All new Lifelines devices come standard with a comprehensive, one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If your equipment requires repair or replacement, shipping is free. Not applicable to loss or theft. Ask about our extended Service Warranty program on all products.