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Enhanced animal care. Versatile EEG solutions fit most breeds. New revenue stream.

Established in 2001, Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc., brings you proven experience supporting veterinary medicine across North America. With a dedicated support staff and nationwide access to practicing veterinarians and researchers, Lifelines is known and respected in the industry by veterinarians and thought leaders throughout the field.

Found in both traditional veterinary practices and academic research facilities, Lifelines’ industry-leading Trackit EEG solutions help in the critical management and diagnosis of seizure disorders that are challenging to define. Our wireless technology and synchronized video allow your patients to roam freely while undergoing their EEG studies.

Today, we are pleased to partner with veterinarians on their mission to improve animal health while growing a vital practice. You’ll find the robust Trackit solution performs a range of EEG studies to support diagnosis and treatment. You’ll also appreciate the ease with which you can perform and review EEG studies. Click here to learn more about Trackit EEG solutions.


Lifelines Team and Technology Support Veterinarian Practices

The Lifelines ‘Client First’ team has proven experience with veterinarian-led and related animal health entities. Our group brings you extensive experience both on the clinical and business sides to enhance your practice.

Learn more about how our EEG solutions can positively impact your practice. Request your Complimentary Veterinarian Practice Assessment below.


Complimentary Veterinarian Assessment

Is EEG equipment rental or purchase right for your veterinary practice?

If you are in the early stages of considering EEG for your practice, you’ll be pleased to know that equipment rental from Lifelines allows you to start without the need for an upfront capital investment. In many cases this can eliminate the need to obtain bank financing. In the rare instance that EEG is not right for your practice, simply return the equipment. Equipment rental is a proven way to minimize your risk!

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