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Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. facilitates expert collaboration and consultation around the globe, with real-time access to EEG studies anytime, anywhere. Our innovative EEG products and pioneering solutions empower hospitals, physician practices, pharmaceutical research leaders, EEG service providers, and veterinarians.

Our goal is the best client engagement in the industry to help our partners improve patient care and safety, processes, research, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

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How it Works

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services are software solutions that store, process and present data used in patient management, acquisition and review of EEG, as well as the synchronization of single or dual video cameras. Combined with Lifelines EEG recorders and amplifiers, iEEG Cloud Services deliver superior quality and speed of service than other solutions currently offered.


Monitor patients from any location, from home or remote clinical environment.

Real-Time Review

Access-controlled review of patient data, anytime, from anywhere.


iEEG Cloud Server

HIPAA and GDPR Compliant


  • Lifelines iEEG Portable

    The leading choice for EEG recordings in the patient’s home – allows for real-time review and vigilance monitoring.

  • Trackit™ Recorder and Wearable Pouch

    Portable and patient-friendly, allowing study to be completed in comfort and security of patient’s home.

  • Dual HD Video

    Superb single or dual HD video cameras with infrared capability for night recording.

24/7, Real-Time Remote Review

  • Data Availability

    Immediate access to critical data anytime, anywhere – iEEG data software installed on any PC at no charge.

  • 24/7 Real-Time Review

    Immediate access controlled availability of critical data for consultation and/or intervention.

  • Data Security

    Cloud storage is AES 256-bit encrypted and is HIPAA and GDRP compliant.

Clinic and Hospital

  • Lifelines R40 Amplifier

    Designed to record EEG in difficult environments such as NICUs, ICUs and EMUs.

  • Slim, yet sturdy cart for easy transport

    All-in-one computer and monitor, with long-life battery means wireless performance.

  • iEEG Cloud Services

    Physicians can read STAT live EEGs anywhere in the world, at a moment’s notice.

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