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Are you currently running an EEG service provider business? Or are you an EEG tech with an entrepreneurial spirit, but not sure if owning your own service provider business is right for you? If so, you are in good company with Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, Inc. At Lifelines you’ll find EEG solution rentals and sales backed by ‘Client First’ service that sets the standard in our industry.

Our team members have extensive neurodiagnostic experience in EEG, evoked potentials, sleep, IOM, EMU, and ICU monitoring. Our clients are supported with strong and dedicated IT expertise and technical support. 

Lifelines has you covered on the business side, too. The team brings you extensive global EEG and business expertise and works hand-in-hand with both new and established service providers across the country—helping them with EEG technology, marketing and business expertise to position them for success. Our client service providers appreciate the fact that we are constantly striving to develop new features and methods to generate new revenue streams for the iEEG platform.

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Proven EEG Solutions and Systems

As you explore our website, you’ll find several innovative EEG solutions that perform day in and day out in clinical and research environments, including patients’ homes, physicians’ practices, hospitals, research laboratories and veterinarians’ offices.

The dependability and ease of use across all Lifelines products makes Trackit perfect for investigative EEG, ambulatory EEG services, inpatient testing services, and clinical drug trials. One of our service providers uses the Trackit as the ‘heart’ of an extremely busy practice. Her lineup of Trackits is used for investigative EEG, ambulatory EEG services, inpatient services, and clinical drug trials.

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‘Client First’ Service

‘We’ve got your back’ isn’t just hearsay at Lifelines. It’s how we approach business each and every day. Our promise to our clients includes: fastest response time possible to your service needs, technical expertise, and thoughtful answers delivered with the respect and professionalism you deserve

According to Carl, one of our service provider clients:

“The character of any company is how they deal with you after they sell you something. Lifelines sets the bar. On the rare occasion when we needed loaner equipment, it was shipped overnight to us.   Our equipment was serviced and returned to us quickly, and there was never any hassle involved with it. Compared to the rest of the customer service world, Lifelines is always above and beyond, and easy to work with!”

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