Support for EEG Service Providers

Turnkey solutions and support for EEG Monitoring Companies

Get the best EEG amplifiers and systems for your EEG services, along with the highest level of customer support in the industry. 

When choosing Lifelines Neuro, you get the support of team members with extensive neurodiagnostic experience in EEG, evoked potentials, sleep, IOM, EMU, and ICU monitoring. With 24/7/365 IT and technical support, and the proven durable Trackit™ EEG amplifiers that power our EEG systems, you will have the tools needed to provide the very best care to patients.

EEG service providers using Lifelines Neuro EEG solutions receive extensive global expertise for both new and established service providers—helping with EEG technology and business expertise to position them for success. We are continuously improving and adding features and methods to generate revenue streams for the benefit of EEG service providers.

Proven EEG Solutions and Systems

Developed in 2000 and now in the fourth generation, thousands of Lifelines Trackit amplifiers are currently in use around the globe.  Lifelines ambulatory EEG systems are sturdy, durable and lightweight, and designed specifically for ambulatory EEG recordings. Our product line of Trackit amplifiers has expanded, with products now available for routine and LTM monitoring. 

Trackit V EEG System

  • Our classic video EEG option with Trackit Plus software
  • Optional cloud-uploading after recording
  • Optional camera
  • Durable backpack case and tablet computer

Trackit M EEG System

  • A mobile EEG lab designed for portability and maximum flexibility for any clinical routine or LTM study
  • Rendr Platform cloud software for real-time data review and faster study setup
  • Photic and dual infrared cameras
  • Custom case small enough to fit as airline carry-on

Trackit F EEG System

  • The flexible choice for ambulatory EEG studies, at home, or in physician's offices.
  • Rendr Platform cloud software for real-time data review and faster study setup
  • USB cameras
  • Sturdy Pelican case and custom molded insert for easy setup and durability
  • Compatible with Trackit MK3 amplifiers and Trackit T4A amplifiers

Our Goal: The Best Client Engagement in the Industry

Our promise to our clients includes the fastest response time possible to your service needs, technical expertise, and thoughtful answers delivered with the respect and professionalism you deserve. Our 24/7/365 IT and technical support—from EEG-knowledgeable staff—means we have you and your patients covered.

If you are just building your business, or wish to expand, consider Lifelines Neuro's EEG Anywhere Subscription. A fixed, flat monthly fee offers EEG amplifiers and/or systems and Rendr Platform cloud EEG software. With unlimited seat licenses and data storage, you can expand your EEG business anywhere. 

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