EEG Video Camera Options for Lifelines Neuro Systems


Excellent patient video is essential to comply with CMS CPT EEG Coding rules requiring intermittent or continuous EEG monitoring. Ensuring physicians have a clear view of the patient in all lighting conditions enhances the ability to efficiently and accurately capture visual seizure activity. 

Two new EEG camera options are available and compatible with Trackit F, Trackit M, and Trackit V EEG Systems. Upgrade your camera today. Contact us to learn more.


Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Ultra HD Infrared Camera

Efficiently capture patient events

With our new high definition, PTZ camera option, the patient video display is scalable and includes controls on-screen using Rendr Platform software. PTZ enables camera adjustment to ensure the patient is in view, which is essential for intermittent and continuous EEG monitoring.


  • Impressive digital zoom range and includes built-in infrared LED and low-light detection for exceptional videography in any condition. 
  • Enables in-home monitoring with the same video capability as an EMU. 
  • Complete with an amazing field of view, a wide 120-degree diagonal viewing angle, and IR LED Night Vision up to 32 feet.

Trackit Cam HD Infrared USB Camera

Small, light & flexible

We custom-designed the Trackit Cam after searching the market for an exceptional HD USB camera. Most out-of-the-box cameras in this category are designed for gamers, with shallow two-foot infrared ranges.


  • Extended infrared range to ensure sleeping patients are visible during EEG monitoring
  • With both HD and infrared performs exceptionally well in low light
  • A built-in microphone enables synchronized audio and video
  •  USB port easily plugs into the tablet or PC, enabling continuous recording, even if the computer is not connected to power
  • The USB hub makes replacing a damaged camera quick and easy. You no longer need to send your entire unit in for repair - swapping out a new camera is as easy as plugging it into the USB port.
  • Flexible standard 1/4” tripod mount for a  wide range of mounting options - tripods, arms, or hospital carts.

Comparison of Camera Features

  Trackit Cam PTZ Camera
High Definition yes yes
Infrared Capability yes yes
Pan, Tilt, Zoom no yes
LED yes yes
USB Port yes no
Standard 1/4" Tripod Mount yes yes
Extended Infrared Range yes yes
Built-in Microphone yes yes
Compatible with Trackit F yes yes
Compatible with Trackit V yes yes

Software Compatibility

  Trackit + Rendr Acquisition
Avycon yes not compatible
Trackit Cam yes yes
PTZ Camera not compatible yes

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