Incereb neon

Quick and accurate application. Safe and comfortable for the baby. High-quality recorded data.

Incereb neon is an FDA-approved device that addresses difficulties of EEG recording in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU).

Neurodiagnostic brain monitoring is traditionally performed by an EEG tech with training in head measurement and electrode application. The Incereb neon was created by an EEG technologist who has simplified electrode application into an innovative single electrode array. 

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Now, with minimal training, nursing staff can align the central reference lead to the baby’s scalp, and confidently know that all other electrodes will be symmetrically placed as the electrode is gently pressed against the baby’s scalp; the baby has minimal, if any, discomfort.

The Incereb neon electrodes are pre-pasted and are available in two sizes, with either six or ten recording electrodes, plus Cz reference and ground. Reusable interface cables are available to connect the neon to EEG machines equipped with either 1.5mm touch-proof or D-type connectors.


Features and Benefits

  • Simple to learn – quick application for nurses and bedside staff when EEG techs are not available, or as a bridge to start brain monitoring until a tech arrives
  • Precise symmetry for intra-hemisphere data comparison
  • Uses a gentle conductive gold-standard conductive paste that  is well-tolerated on delicate skin
  • Clean, sleek design; less frightening to parents
  • Each kit pre-packaged with supplies for convenient repair of poor electrode connections
  • Compatible with all main brands of EEG, CFM, and Amplitude Integrated EEG systems

Key Information

  • Non-sterile and single use only
  • Daily maintenance and skin inspection recommended every 12 hours
  • Not to be used for electrical stimulation
  • Restricted by US federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician

The neon is non-sterile and for single use only; so do not reuse or share with other infants due to the risk of adverse skin reactions and disease transmission

Electrodes should only be applied to normal, clean, intact, healthy skin. The neon uses industry-standard electrode materials. However, the very nature of newly born infant skin means that there may be some adverse reaction at the electrode sites. Thus, it is recommended the electrode sites are inspected for any signs of skin reaction every 12 hours. 

Optional Ancillaries

  • Amplifier interface cable with 1.5mm "Touch Proof" termination: TF04-MBS08
  • Amplifier interface cable with 25-way "D type" termination: TF04-MBS09